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Go Paperless

Go Paperless with Electronic Documents & e-Bills

Electronic Documents are secure online, electronic versions of your account statements (e-Statements), tax documents, notices and legal disclosures that you can view, search, save, and print at your convenience.

e-Bills are electronic versions of statements from the billers you have enrolled in NYCB Bill Pay that are delivered electronically right to your NYCB Online Bill Pay profile from participating organizations that you can view, pay and file at your convenience.

Safe & Secure. Reduce the chance of documents getting lost or stolen, plus protect your accounts and identity from fraud. We’ll send you an email when you have a new Electronic Document available. Your Electronic Documents can be safely accessed through our secure website.

Simple & Convenient. Gone is the filing and archiving of monthly bank statements and notices. We will electronically store your Electronic Documents for your use when you need them.

Green & Eco-Friendly. Only print what you need, when you need it, if you need it. See and print up to 24 months of statements online. Store your Electronic Documents and e-Bills electronically on your computer so you can access them anytime. Your Electronic Documents and e-Bills look exactly like the ones you receive by mail.

Login to NYCB Online, select an account and choose the Online statements link.

Login to NYCB Online

Select an account and choose the Online statements link.

Certain documents may not be available for electronic delivery at this time and may be mailed to your address on file.