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Cash Management Solutions

NYCB Business and NYCB Business Corporate - cash flow management tools designed to grow with your business by conveniently adding services as your needs change. Solutions for today and tomorrow. Perform your banking needs safely and securely, at any time and from anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Cash Management Solutions
Choose a Cash Management Solution that's right for your business.
NYCB Business - Provides you with secure, easy and convenient access to your accounts at the office, on the road, or at home.

NYCB Business+1 - A mobile application for your tablet or smartphone for even more convenience.

View your account transaction history and check images.

Multiple company access (access to accounts with different Tax IDs).

Multiple user access with different authority levels.

Transfer Funds between your NYCB accounts or your accounts at other financial institutions.2

Enjoy the Security and convenience of e-Documents.3

Stop Payment Service - the ability to stop checks online.

View our NYCB Business Online Demo

NYCB Business Corporate - As your financial needs become more sophisticated, take advantage of everything NYCB Business has to offer, plus a suite of services that will help you manage your payables, receivables and protect against fraud, all in one system.

Wire Transfers4, 5 - Pay suppliers and others by utilizing our online services to send wire transfers.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments4, 5 - Simplify all of your business payment requirements; create single, recurring, and even payroll ACH payments.

Direct Deposit Services - A more efficient way to handle check reconciliations while protecting your business from fraud.

Cash Concentration and Zero/Target Balance Accounts4 - Manage the funding of separate operating accounts or locations by establishing automated controls for disbursements and target balances.

Account Reconciliation Positive Pay4 - Provides the latest technology for recordkeeping and fraud prevention.

Business Solutions Sweep6 - Flexibility of combining a Business Solutions Checking account while earning interest with a Business Solutions Money Market account.

LockBox Services4 - Minimizes the capital, time and resources.

ACH Positive Pay4 - Helps you identify unauthorized ACH debits to protect you from fraud.

Remote Deposit Capture4, 5 - Deposit money orders, consumer checks, cashier’s checks, and corporate checks directly from the comfort of your office.

Enhanced Security layer with Secure Browser.

View our NYCB Business Corporate Online Demo

To determine which of our cash management solutions are right for your business,

contact our NYCB Cash Management Department at (877) 353-7631.

1 Standard messaging and data rates may apply when using mobile and text banking. Mobile access is available for eligible customers and accounts who have registered and logged into NYCB Business or NYCB Business Corporate. Some features are not available through mobile access, and can only be accessed by logging into NYCB Business or NYCB Business Corporate.

2 Fees and limitations may apply.

3 e-Documents is the service whereby you can retrieve your Paperless Documents such as Electronic Statements, Tax Documents, and other customer notices and notifications.

4 Requires separate application or agreement. For further information, please contact the NYCB Cash Management Department at (877) 353-7631.

5 Requires approval prior to utilizing this service.

6 Subject to certain transaction limitations. Product and service availability is subject to change. Products and services may not be available in all markets.