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Tools to Help Manage Your Mortgage Online

Online banking is the fastest, most convenient way to access all of your accounts. We have made it quick, simple and FREE for you to start banking online.  

How do I view my mortgage account detail?

To access your mortgage account detail, login to your online banking account at myNYCB.com and follow these steps:

From the “Accounts Summary” screen, choose the Home Loan you would like to view.  The resulting “Account Activity” screen displays the following:

Borrower and Account Information

  • Borrower & Co-Borrower Details
  • Property and Mailing Address Details
  • Phone Numbers and email addresses
  • Original and Current Loan Balances

Payment Information

  • Prior Payment History
  • Next Payment Details including:
    • Next Payment Due
    • Principal and Interest amount
    • Total Amount Due
    • Late Charge Date

Year-to-Date Data

  • Interest Paid this year and prior year data

Escrow Data

  • Tax & Insurance Information
  • Escrow Analysis Information
  • Mortgage Insurance Information


How do I view my mortgage account history?

From the “Account Activity” screen, click the “Account History” button and view up to six months of payment history.

How do I make an online mortgage payment?

You can click the “Make a Payment” button from both the “Account Activity” screen and within the “Payment Information” section. A “Make a Loan Payment” window will open and provide instructions on providing the required information. The online mortgage payment service is FREE, although you should be aware of the required processing times.

Provided you successfully submit your one-time payment request prior to 8:00 pm Eastern Time on a banking day, your loan account will be credited with your payment as of the date you enter in the “Post my Payment on the Following Date” space on the account activity page.  However, requests by you to post your payment on a non-banking day or requests for same day payment made after 8:00 pm Eastern Time on a banking day will be credited to your loan account on the next banking day.  Your financial institution may not reflect this transaction on your deposit account for up to two (2) business days after the request is sent to your financial institution for a transfer of funds.

How do I view my mortgage statement online?

Receive your mortgage statement sooner, reduce clutter and never misplace a statement. View your mortgage statement, escrow analysis statement (when available) and 1098 annual tax interest statement (when available) online.

Follow these simple steps to view your mortgage documents online:

From the “Account Activity” screen, click the “View e-Statement” button.  A new window will open that displays all the available documents for viewing.

How do I stop receiving paper statements?

Stop delivery of your paper statement with a click of your mouse.  Click on the “Go Paperless” button and a new window will open with instructions on enrolling in this service. Each month, we will send you an email reminder when your statement is available online.

How do I request an online mortgage loan payoff quote?

Select the “Payoff Quote” button and a new window will open with instructions on receiving a payoff quote via fax or mail.

What other services are available online?

On your loan account screens within Online Banking, select the “FAQs” and “Forms” buttons to receive answers to Frequently Asked Questions, as well as commonly requested forms.

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The Divisions of New York Community Bank

Queens County Savings Bank​

Established on April 14, 1859 in the village of Flushing, Queens County Savings Bank was the first savings bank chartered by the State of New York in the New York City borough of Queens. Until then, local residents would need to travel to Manhattan to do their banking; the opening of the borough’s first local bank was accordingly met with elation and relief.

While the bank expanded here and there over the course of the next 14 decades, its greatest growth occurred in just the last 15 years. In anticipation of expanding its franchise through the first of several mergers, the Bank changed its name to New York Community Bank on November 21, 2000. By the end of that year, NYCB had grown from 14 to 86 branches; today, it has more than 220 branches in five states.

In deference to its heritage as a Queens-based institution, the Community Bank operates each of its 38 branches in the county under its original name, Queens County Savings Bank.

Roslyn Savings Bank

Established in 1875, The Roslyn Savings Bank was the first financial institution headquartered in Nassau County, one of two counties--with Suffolk--that constitute Long Island, New York. Its founders wanted to build a bank that would provide the Island’s residents with a safe place for their savings, as well as the financial assistance they’d need to build or purchase homes.

A member of the NYCB Family of Bank since October 31, 2003, Roslyn Savings Bank today serves the Island’s businesses and consumers through 42 conveniently placed branch offices.

Richmond County Savings Bank

A member of the NYCB Family of Banks since July 31, 2001, Richmond County Savings Bank is the third oldest of our divisions, with roots that go back to October 30, 1886. It was then that the bank was established to serve those who lived and worked on Staten Island, and it was less than one year later that it made its first mortgage loan.

Today, nearly every street on the Island has at least one home that was financed by Richmond County Savings Bank.

Originally located in the Odd Fellows Building at the corner of Richmond Terrace and Broadway, the Bank today has 20 convenient banking locations in all.

Roosevelt Savings Bank

Roosevelt Savings Bank was established in 1895 on the corner of Gates Avenue and Broadway in Brooklyn under the name “Eastern District Savings Bank.” In 1920, the bank changed its name to honor the memory of the nation’s 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt.

In February 1999, Roosevelt Savings Bank merged with and into Roslyn Bancorp, which merged with and into New York Community Bancorp, Inc. in October 2003.  Today, Roosevelt Savings Bank serves its customers through seven branches in Brooklyn as a member of the NYCB Family of Banks.

Garden State Community Bank

Garden State Community Bank has been a member of the NYCB Family of Banks since March 2008, when we combined all the branches of four smaller New Jersey-based divisions--First Savings Bank of New Jersey, Ironbound Bank, Penn Federal Savings Bank, and Synergy Bank—into a single division with a highly relatable name.

While Penn Federal Savings Bank and Synergy Bank were directly acquired in 2007, First Savings Bank of New Jersey and Ironbound Bank were acquired in 1999 by Richmond County Financial Corp., which subsequently merged with NYCB.

By combining the strengths of these four local banks with the strengths of our institution, we established a Garden State community bank that offers more products and services, and more convenient locations, than any one of these banks provided on its own.

Today, we serve our customers through 43 branches in Essex, Hudson, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, and Union Counties, most of which first opened their doors nearly 14 decades ago.

AmTrust Bank

AmTrust Bank is one of the more recent additions to a respected banking family that has been serving customers and communities for more than 156 years.

The first branch of AmTrust Bank opened its doors in the late 1980s, when Ohio Savings Bank opened the first of its branches in south coastal Florida under the “AmTrust Bank” name. Eleven years later, it expanded again--this time to Arizona--and on December 4, 2009, it joined the NYCB Family of Banks. With our acquisition of Desert Hills Bank less than four months later, we further expanded our franchise in the Grand Canyon State.

Currently in its seventh year as an NYCB division, AmTrust Bank serves its customers through 41 convenient branches: 14 in central Arizona and 27 in Florida.

Ohio Savings Bank

Ohio Savings Bank is one of the more recent additions to a respected banking family that has been serving customers and communities for more than 156 years.

Established in 1889 as the Ohio Savings Home Loan and Building Co., the bank’s initial expansion was limited to Ohio until it opened its first Florida branch in 1989. Eleven years later, it expanded again, this time to Arizona. And seven years later, it changed its name to AmTrust Bank.

On December 4, 2009, AmTrust Bank became the newest member of our banking family, the first of our divisions to serve customers in non-contiguous states. Four months later, we elected to pay tribute to its forebear, by operating our 28 branches in Ohio under a more suitable name: Ohio Savings Bank.

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