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Tools to Help Manage Your Mortgage Online

Online banking is the fastest, most convenient way to access all of your accounts. We have made it quick, simple and FREE for you to start banking online.
How do I view my mortgage account detail?

To access your mortgage account detail, login to your online banking account at and follow these steps:

From the “Accounts” screen, choose the Home Loan you would like to view. The resulting “Account Details” screen displays Prior Payment History.

Select "Account Information" to obtain the following:
  • Current Loan Balances
  • Escrow Balance
  • Next Payment Due Amount
  • Interest Paid this year
  • Pay Off Amount
  • Interest Rate

Click on a payment for further payment information such as:
  • Amount of payment
  • Date of payment
  • Description
  • Interest Amount
How do I stop receiving paper statements and view my mortgage statement online?

Stop delivery of your paper statement with a click of your mouse. Click on the “e-Documents” tab and a new window will open with instructions on enrolling in this service. Each month, we will send you an email reminder when your statement is available online.

Request a Mortgage Payment Online via a Secure Message

Simply log into NYCB Online and send a secure message by selecting the messages link on the upper right side of the page requesting a regular mortgage payment, extra principal payment, or escrow shortage payment.

Note: Your one-time payment request will be processed effective the date of your secure message or the next business day, whichever is earlier. Your financial institution may not reflect this transaction on your deposit account for up to two (2) business days after the request is sent to your financial institution for a transfer of funds.

Your secure message must include the following information for the timely and accurate posting of the payment by NYCB:

  • Your financial institution’s 9-digit Routing Number
  • Your financial institution’s Account Number
  • The Payment Amount
  • The Payment Description (i.e. regular payment, principal payment, etc.)
  • Any other details that you would like to provide to ensure that the payment is posted correctly

You will receive a written confirmation from NYCB following the posting of the requested mortgage payment.

For loans in Bankruptcy or Foreclosure, please contact the Home Retention Department at (888) 696-4444. If we receive a secure message requesting a payment on an ineligible loan, NYCB may not process the payment request. We will attempt to contact you to discuss options available to you.