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Club Savings Accounts

Holiday Club Accounts

The expenses of the holiday season can add up quickly. That’s why our Holiday Club Account is the perfect solution to save for all of your holiday spending from buying gifts to planning for family gatherings.

Piggy Bank With Presents
Vacation Savings Jar with Money

Vacation Club Accounts

Need a vacation? Start saving for the costs of your vacation with our Vacation Club Account today! Our vacation club can help you save for hotels, airfare and anything else in between.

Account features
  • No monthly fee, regardless of balance
  • Deposits can be made through an automated transfer from another account with NYCB, in branch or via online banking.
  • Holiday club accounts mature mid-October and vacation club accounts mature mid-April each year. You’ll receive a check for the full balance in the account; unless you have chosen for it to be transferred back into the donor account.
  • Account will automatically begin deposits for the following year.

To open a Holiday or Vacation Club account today, please visit your nearest branch.

Information needed to open your account

Be sure to have the following information available to complete your account application.

  • Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number
  • Valid U.S. Address
  • Form of identification

Visit a branch to
open your account today!



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