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Zero/Target Balance Accounts

Zero / Target balance accounts are an ideal solution for companies that maintain a general operating account and separate accounts for specialized disbursements such as payroll, petty cash or other purposes.

This eliminates excess balances in separate accounts and allows you to maintain greater control over disbursements. You can link all of your accounts to a Master account to create a Zero or Target Balance Accounting system.
Here’s how it works…

First, set a balance of zero, or any other amount you choose, for each linked sub-account. Each day, funds are electronically moved to or from the Master Account to maintain the desired levels of each account. Now you can:
  • Eliminate overdrafts and improve control over excess cash balances
  • Automatic funding of disbursement account – such as a Payroll Account – from the Master Account
  • Automatic collection from internal accounts
  • Streamlines liquidity management by eliminating manual funding of the sub-accounts
  • Reduce administrative expenses

For more information please contact the NYCB Cash Management Department at (877) 353-7631.